• GTCHS Lunch Instructions

    Set up one FAMILY lunch account.  Once you set up your account, you may place separate orders for each child.  All lunches must be ordered two days in advance with the exception of Express Bag Lunch and Moe's on Friday which can be paid for in cash.  Only families with a lunch account will receive lunch email reminders.  

    Create a family account at orgsonline.com

    Use the GTCHS school code 376GTCHSSC

    If you have questions contact Misty Chidester mchidester@staff.gtchs.org

    Vendor Days

    Monday - Papa John's Pizza

    Tuesday - Oriental House

    Wednesday - Chic-fil-A

    Thursday - Subway

    Friday - Moe's

    Everyday - Express Bag Lunch (Preorder or cash for $3.50)

  • Earn Service Hours As A Lunch Volunteer

    Volunteer Form

    Use the QR Code to sign up to volunteer for lunch and more or use this web address: PIP Volunteer Form

    PIP lunch volunteers run the lunch program in the GTCHS Charter Cafe.  A variety of vendors work with GTCHS to bring a fresh hot meal to the charter cafe daily.  It takes 7 volunteers per day to serve our GTCHS students lunch.  The lunch volunteer coordinator works with parents to find a spot to suit their schedule.  Most parents work one day each week or one day every other week.  Parents enjoy visiting with each other, GTCHS students and their own students while serving lunch each week.

    We also need a list of substitutes for the days the regular volunteers are unable to attend.

    If you would like to earn volunteer hours while serving GTCHS students, fill out the volunteer form or contact Lori Quarles, Lunch Volunteer Coordinator, to sign up for a day that suits your schedule.

    For questions or to sign up as a volunteer email: