• Hi!

    This is Mr Merritt - science teacher.


    The most useful immediate information that I can provide is probably going to be class materials: a three-ring binder with lots of paper; writing utensils like pens and #2 pencils; polychromatic tools like pens, markers, or crayons; scissors; glue, tape or some other school-friendly adhesive. 

    The Expectations page details each course's syllabus.

    The Calendar will outline our goals for the duration. 

    The most reliable way to contact me regarding school matters is via email: amerritt@staff.gtchs.org or (864) 250-8844

    A1: Environmental Science        B1: Planning

    A2: Physical Science                  B2: Physical Science

    A3: Biology                                 B3: Physical Science

    A4: Planning                               B4: Environmental Science

    Science Office Hours are every Thursday from 2:50-3:30