• GTCHS Health Room - located in building 120 inside the Charter Cafe.

    The Health Room is designed to be a first aid station to address minor illnesses or injuries that occur at school. Please do not send sick students to school looking for a diagnosis. :)The coordinator, Ms. Shew, is certified in CPR/AED/First Aid.

    In accordance with state law, NO medications, whether prescription or over the counter, may be carried on a student’s person on campus. This includes Tylenol (acetaminophen), Advil (ibuprofen), and antihistamines. Carrying unauthorized medications can lead to suspension and even expulsion. Parents should fill in all of the health information on "Scribble" through the link provided at the start of school. If you want your student authorized to receive (free) acetominophen or ibuprofen during the school day, be sure to click that box on the online form.

    For students with self-medication permission (inhalers, epipens, diabetic supplies) or who have a medical condition that we should be aware of, please use physician and parent permissions. Our Registered Nurse will be writing Individual Health Plans for these students during the first weeks of school. They will need to be signed by parent and student.

    Emails concerning care of your student are encouraged! Please send to jshew@staff.gtchs.org. School phone is (864) 250-8962.Please keep the health room informed of any changes to your student’s health so we can be better prepared should there be an emergency. Here’s to a happy, healthy school year!




Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jean Shew

Health Room Coordinator