• Greenville Technical Charter High School

    English IV

    Course Syllabus 2019-2020


    Ken Gillespie

    Room 205

    E-mail: kgillespie@staff.gtchs.org


    Course description: 

    English IV emphasizes effective writing and critical reading through logical organization, literary analysis, textual evidence, and research. English IV reading content primarily focuses on the chronological study of British literature and its cultural and historical influences.


    Texts (provided):


    Elements of Literature, Sixth Course. Holt Rinehart Winston, 2010.


    Required Materials:

    • College-ruled loose-leaf paper for classwork handed in
    • Blue or black pens
    • Flash drive for saving work.


    Classroom Routines:

    • Academic Assistance is required for every student whose quarterly average falls below 80.  Academic Assistance for English IV is in the Multipurpose Room (Smart Center) every Tuesday from 2:50-3:35, or by appointment. I am also available in the Smart Center, Monday-Thursday, 2:50-5:45.
    • If you are absent from class, you have five (5) school days (not class meetings) after your return to school to make up missed work. No make-up work will be accepted after this time.
    • You will receive an invitation to join Google Classroom. Check your email and join with your school email as soon as possible. Be sure to include a valid email for your parent/guardian.
    • Assignments are due at the assigned time; ten (10) points per day late will be deducted for major assignments.  Late homework will receive half credit if the assignment is turned in the next school day.
    • You are expected to be on time for class. Students who are late to class must go to the front office for a late slip. Every third tardy to class will result in Saturday school. 
    • Students who leave class should fill out the hall pass completely. Students should leave class only for emergencies. This privilege will be revoked if it is abused.
    • Any student leaving the room during class must leave his/her cell phone on my desk.
    • Cell phone use is not allowed in class (unless otherwise instructed). Violations will result in the offending phone being taken. If I see it, regardless of the reason, I will take it.
    • Eating is not allowed in class (this includes gum, breath mints, cough drops, etc.). Water is allowed in clear containers, but this privilege will be revoked if spills and trash become problematic. No water is allowed near school laptops/Chromebooks.












    Daily work: 40%

    Major papers/projects: 30%

    Short Essays: 20%

    Quizzes: 10%


    General Course Overview (subject to change):


    • Grammar/writing lessons as needed
    • In-class reading assignments
    • In-class and home writing assignments
    • Focused writing/research/project days


    First Quarter:       The Anglo-Saxon Period

    • Primary text: Beowulf
    • Grendel (summer reading assignment due today!)
      • Socratic seminar (date and requirements to be announced)
    • Anglo-Saxon poetry, riddles

                                   The Middle Ages

    • Primary text: The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales
      • The Canterbury Tales Pilgrim Project
    • “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”
    • Irony in “The Pardoner’s Tale”
    • Arthurian Legend, Archetypal Romance Tales


    Second Quarter:     The English Renaissance       

    • Primary text: Macbeth
    • Poetry of the English Renaissance
      • Renaissance Poetry research project


    Third Quarter:       The Restoration, Satire

    • Primary text: “A Modest Proposal”
      • Satire project
    • Pope’s Heroic Couplets, antithesis

                                        The Romantic Poets

    • Byron, Shelley, Keats, Coleridge, Wordsworth


    Fourth Quarter:     The Victorian Era, British Imperialism

    • Rudyard Kipling’s “The Mark of the Beast”

                                     The Modern Era, British Imperialism

    • George Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant”



       The Smart Center provides tutoring for students who need extra help Monday-Thursday, 2:50-5:45 in the

       MPR. The cost of attending Smart Center is 150.00 per semester. Contact Mr. Gillespie (Room 205,

       kgillespie@gtchs.org) for more information.



       If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.  I’m looking forward to a great year. Thanks!