Discover GTCHS

  • Advancing our Students Academically

    Greenville Technical Charter High School is focused on dual enrollment and alignment of high school and college curriculum. We have 62% of our students taking college courses in grades 10-12 and graduate 100% of our students college and career ready.

    Pathways toward University Transfer or Career Achievement

    Last year our students took more than 2,571 college credits. From the Class of 2017, three students earned Associate's degrees, with one student earning both an Associate's in Science and an Associate's in Art. Whether your child wants to be an engineer, a computer programmer, a pastry chef, or a welder, we provide pathways to achieve their dreams.

    A Student Body that Goes Above and Beyond

    GTCHS students aim high.  Our students are breaking barriers across our community and nation.  With national award winning clubs, a world competitive robotics team, and a ranking regional basketball team, our students know what it means to reach for the top. They also contribute more than 21,000 hours of service to the Greenville community every year.

    Setting the Bar

    As the original charter school in the state of South Carolina, 0ur school set the bar for all middle college programs.  With a strong foundation, we continue to be a model for others to emulate.

    First South Carolina High School Recipient of the National Jefferson Award, 2016
    First Charter Recipient of National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award and first to receive Palmetto's Finest

    How We Compare

    • ACT Average - 22.1 (exceeds state and national average)
    • SAT Average - 1577 (exceeds all local averages and is 93 points higher than the national average)
    • College Success rate - 90% pass rate for college classes (compare to AP local pass rate of 59% with the highest Greenville County school being 74% and the local private schools reporting 81%)

    What our parents and students say aboout GTCHS

    • 90% of parents say our teachers encourage their children to learn
    • 89% of parents report that our homework helps their children learn
    • 92% agree that we have high expectations for all students
    • 93% say their students feel safe at our school
    • 95% find our counseling services and IGP conferences beneficial and helpful to their child's academic progress