Student Parking Pass

  • In order to get a parking decal, please complete the below Google form:

    GTCHS Parking Pass

    Parking decals must be updated each school year.  To receive a parking decal, students must have the following:

    • State-issued Driver’s License
    • Vehicle information, including make, model, owner, tag number
    • Paid student activity fee

    Decals must be placed on the outside lower left corner of the back window.  If you get a new car, you must register the new car as outlined above (there is no additional charge).

    Temporary Parking Permits – Students must obtain a temporary parking permit from the main office if they are driving a different car in an emergency situation.  All cars must have a parking permit.  Students may receive a ticket for parking a car without a permit even for a short time.

    Greenville Technical College Parking and Driving Regulations

    If you receive a ticket for offenses of GTC Regulations below, you must pay* GTC, unless there is evidence the ticket was written in error. In such cases, you may appeal to GTCHS administration within 5 days of receiving the ticket. After 5 days, the right to appeal is waived.

    • The on-campus speed limit is 15 mph.
    • Students must park between white lines only.
    • GTCHS students are only allowed to park on the left side of Lot D.
    • Vehicles must be forward facing in the parking space.
    • Parking decals must be properly placed and visible at all times.
    • For a complete list of GTC Parking Information, please stop by the Campus Police Department in Building 103, Room123.

    *Pay all tickets at the GTC Business Office