• Volunteers, Service Hours, Needs, & Sponcers:

  • Thank you so much for being a part of our Warrior Fine Arts community! 
    Here you can find our wants and needs list for our classes and clubs, as well as a list of volunteer opportunities
    For our two main productions each year we raise all of our own funding. The more help we can get the better we can serve our amazing and talented students! 

    Volunteer sign up sheet:

    CLICK HERE for volunteer sign up sheet for this years shows!

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Wants and Needs list:

  • For Technical Theatre Class/Club:

    • Sewing machines
    • Drills
    • Jig saw
    • Wood (scrap, new, any size, type or shape)
    • Extra tools: hammers, plyers, screw drivers,
    • Hardware: nails, wood screws, bits, bolts, nuts, etc.
    • PPE: goggles, heavy work gloves, latex gloves, plastic liners, etc.
    • Wrench/socket set
    • 9/16 deep well wrench/socket
    • Large paint brushes and rollers
    • Extention cords
    • Left over house paint


  • For Art Class:

    • Tissues
    • Clorox/disinfectant wipes
    • Dish soap
    • Cardstock paper white
    • sticky notes
    • Windex
    • Command Strips


  • For Band:

    • Band supplies: reeds, oils, grease, sticks, strings, etc.
    • Marimba
    • Vibraphone


  • For Chorus:

    • Highlighters
    • Tissues
    • Clorox/disinfectant wipes


  • For Theatre Class:

    • Popsicle sticks
    • High lighters
    • Fabrics
    • Colored Cardstock
    • Shoe boxes

Volunteer/Service Hours Opportunities:

  • Clubs:
    Tuesdays and Thursdays after school

    • Provide snacks (candy, granola bars, chips, etc.)

    Please Contact Mrs. Haskell: chaskell@staff.gtchs.org


  • Cast Party:
    TBD after school

    • Provide snacks
    • Provide desserts
    • Provide drinks
    • Post clean up

    Please Contact Mrs. Haskell: chaskell@staff.gtchs.org


  • Beauty and the Beast:
    NovembeApril 21 and 22

    • Sponcors needed **
    • Meal brought for students between Saturday shows
    • Waters for cast and crew
    • Snacks for cast and crew
    • Ushers
    • Ticket stand
    • Handing out programs

     Please Contact Mrs. Honeycutt: bhoneycutt@staff.gtchs.org


  • Guitar/Chorus/Art Show: May 4th at 7pm

    Band/Orch/Art Show: May 9th at 7pm 

    • Volunteers for setting up Art show (right after school)
    • Volunteers for tearing down Art show (a week later)
    • Passing out programs
    • Ushers

      Please Contact Mrs. Honeycutt: bhoneycutt@staff.gtchs.org


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