• Clubs and Extracurricular Activities:

    Here at GTCHS, we have a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities for students outside of the traditional classroom. These often coincide with classes and shows and are a great way to get involved! 

Pit band

  • Musicians come together to learn and perform live music for our main theater musical production. They practice every Thursday, and then every day for extended times during tech week and the performances.

    Run by Mr. Marsh
    Contact amarsh@staff.gtchs.org


Jazz Band

  • Jazz Band is an after-school student-driven club where interested students learn jazz, blues, and rock styles in a small group ensemble environment. Students of any ability level are welcome. The Jazz Band performs at GTCHS functions such as awards days, spring concerts, and intake nights. 

    Run by Mr. Marsh
    Contact amarsh@staff.gtchs.org



Basketball Band

  • The basketball band plays at all of our home games for our GTCHS basketball teams. This includes during the games to pep up the team and audience, during time outs, scores, and half-time. 

    Run by Mr. Marsh
    Contact amarsh@staff.gtchs.org


Technical Theatre

  • Also known as the Set Design Club, this group coincides with the technical theatre class and meets after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Here we create all the sets, props, and costumes for the school's main theater productions. This team also does the behind-stage production, managing and moving the set and helping the actors. The production team is limited and must attend every day of the tech week and productions. 

    Run by Mrs. Honeycutt & Creg McAda
    Contact bhoneycutt@staff.gtchs.org & cmcada@staff.gtchs.org

Musical Theater

  • This club coincides with the Musical Theater class. They meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school. Here they audition for their parts in the school's main theater production. They memorize and practice their lines, choreography, acting, staging, etc. They meet every day, for extended times during tech week and the performances. 

    Run by Mrs. Haskell
    Contact chaskell@staff.gtchs.org

Tech Team

  • The Tech Team meets for only a portion of the year leading up to the theater productions. They are trained and then work the lights and sound through a week of tech week rehearsals and during the productions. This includes the light board, spotlights, soundboard, and running mics backstage. 

    Run by Mr. Marsh
    Contact amarsh@staff.gtchs.org

  • ITS: International Thespian Society

    The International Thespian Society is the only theatre honor society for middle and high school students in the United States. Affiliation brings credibility and distinction to students, theatre programs, and schools. It is a visible, positive symbol of the quality of your theatre program.
    ITS recognizes, rewards, and encourages student achievement and celebrates the work of students in all aspects of theatre – performance and production. Each student is honored on a national level and gains access to opportunities and resources beyond those of their school.

    To be a part of this society, you must have 2 theatre show experiences, as well as be a current member of our shows here at GTCHS. This includes actors, musicians, Technical Theatre, the Tech Team, and the Production Team. 

    Our 2023-24 ITS board is:

    President: Myers Gary
    Vice President: Maris McKinley
    Secretary: Hayden
    Treasurer: CeCe Buzzalino
    Communications Coordinator: Ellie Anthony

    Run by  Mrs. Haskell:
    Contact: chaskell@staff.gtchs.org