Fine Arts Department Courses:

  • Art 1:

    • Art 1 provides students with problem solving experiences in tow and three dimensional media, stressing design elements (line, shape, form, value, color, space, and texture), and design principles (proportion, emphasis, harmony/unity, balance, rhythm/movement, contract repetition/pattern, and variety). Empasis is on the development of basic skills.

    Art 2:

    • Art 2 is the next level of Art for students to build upon their knowledge from Art 1.  Art 2 will explore more unique mediums, more Art History, and dive deeper into the principles and elements of design.

    Visual Arts Portfolio 1:

    • Visual Arts Portfolio is an advanced art course designed specifically for both students considering a career in visual areas/related fields or those with a strong appreciation of Art and design.  The course emphasizes indvidualized exploration of specific art problems and revolves around the production of a visual portfolio (based upon individual artistic preferences) including a wide variety of art mediums.  Students will also study an annotated version of Art History.  

    Visual Arts Portfolio 2 Honors:

    • Visual Arts Honors is an advanced art course emphasizes indvidualized exploration of specific art problems.  The course content is contractual and meets the interests and needs of individual students.  A sketchbook and periodic critques are required.  Students develop and maintain professional quality portfolios.  This course prepares students for Advanced Placement studio courses.  Media and techniques explored may include, but are not limited to painting printmaking, design, mixed media, ceramics, and sculpture.  Students in this course will required to work with more intensity, at a deeper level, and produce a wider range of more difficult and complex material.

    Band 1:

    • Band 1 is for freshmen and beginning players of woodwind, brass, keyboard, and percussion instruments of the concert band.  The course is a performing group preparing for concerts and also functioning as a Basketball Band.  Guitar and bass players may audition.  Class activities emphasize the development of instrument technique, tone production, tuning, fundamentals of music theory, music reading, and listening skills.

    Band 2-4:

    • Band 2 through 4 are continuation levels for students who have successfully completed Band 1.  These courses emphasize increasing both their technical and musical development through concentration on the elements of music.  Small ensemble participation is emphasized and students expand their understanding of wind literature through large ensemble participation.  The fundamentals of concert performance are reviewed and opportunities are available to students for section leadership responsibilities.  Emphasis is on the advancement of instrument technique, the further development of ensemble performance skills, and rehearsal and performance of intermediate level band music.

    Band 3-4 Honors:

    • Band Honors is an upper level performance opportunity for accomplished wind and percussion players.  Band Honors offers students great variety and challenge in musical performance, including experiences in chamber music, analysis theory and history.  Membership requires contract agreement.

    Guitar 1:

    • Guitar 1 is the beginning and intermediate study of guitar technieuq will include classical and contemporary styles of music while using both standard and tablature musical notation.  Students learn the fundamentals of music and how to advnace in the skills on the guitar.  Basic chord harmony and music reading are emphasized along with guitar playing styles, technology, maintenance, and group playing.

    Guitar 2:

    • Guitar 2 is the advanced study of guitar technique will include classical and contemporary styles of music while using both standard and tablature musical notation.  Students continue learning the skills needed to be a proficient guitar player.  Students must have taken Guitar 1 with Mr. Marsh and have approval to move up to Guitar 2.

    Orchestra/Strings 1 - 4:

    • Strings 1 emphasizes basic musicianship on individual strings or orchestra instruments.  Students concentrate on developing technique, tone quality, range, and proper posture.  Students recevie concentrated instruction in performance techniques and have the opportunity to apply them through solo performance and chamber ensemble partifcipation.

    Chorus 1:

    • Chorus 1 emphasizes the development of basic vocal techniques and skills including good posture, tone quality, breath support, diction, and attack and release.  Attention is given to the elements of music including music reading.  Students may have the oppportunity to sing in Latin and other foreign languages.  Vocal indepenedence is emphasized and the elements of music are reinforced through the performance and study of quality literature.

    Music Appreciation:

    • This course is focused on tracing the development of music throughout human history.  There is a heavy focus on the development of classical music as well as American popular music.  Students will learn to listen for differences in styles, eras, and countries of origin.  The course will also study music around the world from cultures different from our own.  Offered every year.

    Music Theory:

    • This course instructs students in the basics of music theory and emphasiez reading music, scales, chords, inversions, keys, traditional harmony, ear training, sight singing, and dictation.  Students will compose musical pieces and study basic keyboard skills.

    Digital Media Arts:

    • Digital Media Arts uses computers and related tools to create and modify music.  Students study hardware and software used in the music industry by producers, composers, mixers, DJ's, and performers.  Particular topics include hip-hop and techno, recording and mixing live bands, playing the keyboard, and creating soundtracks for video.

    Drama 1:

    • In this course students will develop basic skills and techniques of set design, acting, and directing and will participate in all aspects of a production. Intense study of a variety of plays and dramatic forms will be included.  Students may be required to attend plays as assigned by the teacher/director.

    Drama 2:

    • This course will enable students to study the history of theater and to participate in dicusssions and performances representative of various periods and styles of theatre.  The emphasis will be on the development of techniques of acting, set design, and construction, and creation of costumes.

    Drama 3 & 4 Honors:

    • This course is designed for those who have taken Theater 1 & 2, enjoyed the class, and passed with an 85 or higher.  It is an advanced class designed to build upon past educational experiences and enhance skills.  Students will gain an in-depth understanding of various playwrights and plays that both influenced and were influenced by the changing philosophies of their society.  They will also deepen their knowledge of play development and performance techniques.  This course can receive honors credit which requires an honors contract and teacher recommendation.

    Musical Theatre:

    • Students will learn musical theater terminology and vocabulary in written and oral discussion.  Students will explore all three disciplines using a hands on approach: warm ups, song selection, choreography and scenes.  Students will achieve understanding of the historical, creative, artistic, and aesthetic aspecs of musical theater in relationship to American History, and they will gain knowledge and understanding of the social and cultural impact of the musical theater art form on society and culture.

    Technical Theatre Arts:

    • Set Design is a class where students learn costuming, makeup, scene construction, and stage architecture techniques.  The students work in partnership with the Theater classes to produce plays and musicals throughout the school year.  Set Design is a class that a student may take up to four years.  Set Design students will be expected to participate in Theater performances as backstage or technical crew.