improv time

working hard isn't hard

  • Monday; no choreography

    Tuesday: continue act 2 and 3

    Thursday: big group scenes


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  • Musical Theatre:
    Monday: Choreography; same as last week plus understudies.
    Wednesday: Blocking Act 2
    Friday: Blocking Act 2 & 3

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  • Monday choreography;  Lathan, Maris, Neshia and Owen
    Tuesday: blocking act 1 & short character study completed 
    Thursday: continue blocking act 1 & finalize all list (sound, costumes etc.)

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  • Tuesday: inntroductions, contracts and let's begin!

    Thursday: table read

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  • This class is a performance based class.  Our goal is to present our annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser as well as our annual School Musical.  This is a class and you will receive credit for this class although it is a bit different than traditional classes.  At the beginning of the year you will need to audition to be a part of this class.  Everyone must audition, even if you have already been part of this class for 3 years.  We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 till 4:30.  We will have choreography on Mondays as well.   If you have any questions please stop by the auditorium and talk with me, or send me an email.  


    For new people interested: if you have never auditioned before, this is scary.  Please come see me.  Some of our vetern thespians are happy to work with you as your coach in any way you need.  From finding the perfect monologue to helping you with your lines.  Theatre is a team sport!


    All class information will be in our google classroom. Code:  7vc2tle