Movement Unit Class

Drama 2 meets in the Black Box Theatre

  • Monday: costuming

    Wednesday: more costuming

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  • This week:

    Monday: Set-design; color and sight lines
    Wednesday: Sketches
    Friday: Sharing ideas and finalizing plans
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  • This week:

    Monday: Sound Project Presentations
    Wednesday: Set design; Color Theory
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  • Monday: Soundscape & Foley

    Wednesday: Brainstorm project

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  • Course description: Students will develop a deeper understanding of theaters’ connection to all arts. They will also study the complexities and nuances of Asian theater.  Students will study playwrights of different times and styles. Finally, students will focus on developing and performing a live production.


    Overview of coursework:   

    Fall 1st Quarter:        Movement, sound, art, poetry

    Fall 2nd Quarter:       Asian theater and script writing

    Spring 1st Quarter:   In depth theater jobs study

    Spring 2nd Quarter: Production


    Further Information and assignments will all be posted in the google classroom.

    Google Classroom Code: vdb2rh3