• Greenville Tech Charter High School

    Team Sports (Semester) Syllabus


    Instructor:  Coach Andrew Appenheimer

    GTCHS: 864 672-8976

    Please contact between 7:30am-3:00pm,


    Course Description: 

    Welcome to Team Sports! As a result of instruction you will learn about the history and rules of various team and individual sports. You will be graded on attendance, participation, and clothing. 


    Course Objectives: 

    • The goal of team sports is to make a lasting difference in the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of students. (Being a good teammate)

    • The Team Sports course emphasizes DAILY student participation in meaningful physical activities (e.g., exercise forms, creative/rhythmic movement, sports, and games). 

    • Students will demonstrate good sportsmanship in a competitive setting.


    Class Requirements: 

    1. Listen to and follow ALL directions given by your instructor

    2. Be on time! Meet in the Gym

    3. Participation & Motivation- bring a great attitude and effort to class everyday.  Don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses!

    4. Appropriate T-shirt and gym shorts (no cut offs, tank tops or spandex shorts.  All shorts must remain around waist, No Exceptions!! 

    5. Treat facilities and equipment with respect. 

    6. Horseplay and profanity is not acceptable

    7. No Pop, Gum, Candy, tobacco, etc... is allowed in gym or locker room

    8. Dr.’s note or trainer’s note for any medical issues lasting more than 2 class periods. 


    Locker Room Expectations:

    1. Keep your hands to yourself and your property.

    2. Locker rooms are for changing quickly and quietly

    3. No Horseplay or misuse of facility equipment (i.e. lockers, bench)

    4. Keep it clean, clothing, trash, deodorant containers, etc...

    5. Keep noise level down- no hollering, slamming lockers, etc...

    6. Respect others property and space


    8. Any lost and found items must be claimed within a week or they will be thrown away.


    Outside Expectations:

    1. Stay in view of instructor at all times

    2. Help carry equipment in/out as needed

    3. Respect facilities and equipment (i.e. stay away from cars, stay on sidewalks and off private lawns, etc.)



    This is a pass/fail course. You must earn 75% of the total points to pass. 


    Clothing Grade -  50 points.  Start the year with 100%.   Each non-dress day is -5 points.   Example:  2 no clothes days = 40/50.   Four no clothes days = 60%.


    Daily Participation and Attendance (1 point each day)

    *Attend, prepared, and fully participate =1 point

    -Daily points are not earned:

    *Absent from class (school activity is an exception)

    *Clothing violation=No participation in class activities

    ***can earn point for day if participate without proper clothing


    *Lack of participation (instructor may give ½ point)

    *Dismissal from gym/activity due to disruptive behavior

    *Medical condition (injury or illness)

     Clothing Policy: 

    Appropriate workout attire is a full-length t-shirt or sweatshirt, shorts or sweatpants, socks, and tennis shoes. Shoe laces must be tied tightly. Jewelry is at the discretion of the instructor and may be asked to be removed for safety reasons.  The clothes a student wears to school will not be considered “proper dress”.


    Opportunities to gain Mastery:


    The weight room will host (non-mandatory) after school and before school training sessions for all GTCHS students.  Students enrolled in the weight training and PE classes may attend any of these sessions to work toward master or make up for missed classes/points deducted.  The schedule and times for these sessions (TBD) can be found on the website under the athletics tabs.  Scroll to the bottom and chick on the weight lifting tabs.  Then consult the calendar.