• Hello students, welcome to the course webstie for US History and the Constitution. Below is a list of school supplies you should obtain, an overview of the course, and a few other items of note. 

    Make sure you purchase at least a 2 inch binder, lots of paper, and dividers to organize your work. Please make sure to pick up a copy of the United States History Textbook, which we will use throughout the year

    The focus of United States History and the Constitution course is the story of the American people from the period of colonial settlement to the present day—the establishment of the British colonies and the transfer of English political traditions, the creation of the United States as a new nation, westward expansion, the American Civil War and Reconstruction, the response to industrialization and urbanization of the late nineteenth century, and the nation’s developing role in world affairs in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

    US History is a REQUIRED course with an End of Course (EOC) exam at the end of the year. The EOC is weighted 20% (1/5th) of the final grade. It is nearly impossible to fail the EOC and still earn a B in this course, and significantly more students fail the US History exam than any other SC EOC exam.  If you do not consistently review and study the material from this class you will not earn a B in this course.

    This course will strictly follow the South Carolina Social Studies Academic Standards for US History, which can be found on the districts website:


    All assignments, due dates, notes, etc. will be posted on Google Classroom. 

    Below you will find the syllabus for the course.   



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