• PE is a required class for all students on a HS diploma track. I am excited to work with you this 2023-24 school year!!! I love kids, sports and teamwork!



    Dear Students and Parents,


    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Gwynne Armstrong and I am one of the Physical Education teachers at GTCHS. I also teach Academic Support and coach soccer for the boys here at GTCHS.


    The following supplies will be needed for Physical Education class.


    Any color and it must be long enough to tuck into the shorts. 



    Any color and must be athletic styleNo jeans, cargo or pleated shorts.

    Tennis shoes

    Must have laces that are tied and have backs that cover the heel. No Crocs or slides!!!!

    Gym bag

    Large enough for all items to fit in.



    There is a document that needs to be filled out and returned to me as soon as possible.  The Health Statement document will be with me at all times in case of an emergency.  It is VERY important that medical conditions and contact phone numbers are accurate.  I will have a phone with me at all times for such circumstances.  The most common situations are allergies, asthma, and bee stings.


    I am looking forward to a new school year and working with the students and parents to make this a positive learning environment for everyone.  I can be contacted by e-mail at garmstrong@staff.gtchs.org or by phone at 250-8844.


    Thank you, Gwynne Armstrong



    INSTRUCTOR: Gwynne Armstrong


    PHONE: 864-672-3891

    E-MAIL: garmstrong@staff.gtchs.org




    Provide the knowledge to students to make responsible choices regarding their health through physical activity, sport, fitness, and nutrition.




    1. Students will acquire the knowledge of physical fitness concepts.
    2. Students will develop an understanding for the significance of lifestyle on one’s health and fitness.
    3. Students will develop an individual optimal level of physical fitness.




    Grading for Physical Education will be determined on each individual’s performance, participation, social dynamics, and classroom assignments.



    Explanation of Assessment


    Not all athletes perform at the same level and should not be evaluated at the same level.


    This is VERY IMPORTANT.  This includes having the correct clothing each day.  Being involved in the activity, and performing to the best or your ability.

    Social dynamics

    This includes teamwork, treatment of others in the class, and helping others making the class a positive experience.

    Classroom assignments

    We will have several hours in a classroom where assignments and test will be given about health, fitness, and sport.

    Make-up Work

    If you are absent from class, you have five (5) school days (not class meetings) after your return to school to make up for missed work. No make-up work will be accepted after this time. Work not turned in on time for any reason other than absence will not be accepted late.


    You will have the opportunity to improve your grade on certain assessments through self-correction. I will provide details as these opportunities become available.