Dual Credit Brochure

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Dual Credit Fast Facts

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Dual Credit

  • Dual Credit Opportunities

    Students Can begin taking Dual Credit courses in the sophomore year at Greenville Technical Charter High School.
    GTCHS students meeting the following are eligible to enroll in a Dual Credit course.

    • passing grades in all classes
    • placement scores on Accuplacer or Compass
    • meeting course prerequisites

    Students can choose courses for University Transfer or begin course work on a Greenville Technical College career pathway.

    Each pring students will sit down with their school counselor during their Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) meeting to discuss pathways and to map out Dual Credit courses during high school.

    Students are responsible for completing all required Dual Credit registration paperwork each semester, as well as meeting all outlined deadlines.

    The GTCHS School Counseling Department will communicate to students and parents when registration paperwork is available and deadlines for registration.

    Students are encouraged to schedule an academic advisement appointment with their counselor to review registration paperwork.

Dual Credit vs AP

  • DualCredit vs. Advanced Placement 

    Dual Credit and Advanced placement are similar as they are given the same weighting on the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale.

    Advanced Placement requires students take an exam at the completion of the course.  Students scoring a 3 or higher may be awarded college credit by the higher education institution from high school.

    Dual Credit allows a student to take courses at the college level and earn college credit as well as a high school Carnegie Unit.  There is no examination to determine if a credit will be awarded.

    Students enrolled in Dual Credit have more opportunities to earn credit versus a student that only takes Advanced Placement.  The maximum Advanced Placement courses a student can take is 13.  GTCHS students have the opportunity to take 18 College courses.  A student interested in earning an Associate's degree or taking summer courses can earn well over 54 credits.

    Dual Credit courses are taught by college teaching staff.  Dual Credit is ideal for motivated students who have the academic and personal maturity to handle the rigor of a college course.