• Technology: Technology will be used daily for listening/speaking activities, presentations and our online textbook. If possible, students are encouraged to have a cell phone, computer, iPad, etc. with them in class. Improper use of devices will result in device being taken and given to administration.


    1in. 3 Ring Binder

    4 tabs/sections labeled


                Verb Conjugations



    Notebook paper

    1 Composition notebook


    Optional: Student Spanish/English Dictionary

    Notebooks: All Spanish students are required to keep a 1inch binder/notebook throughout the course. You should bring your notebooks to class every day. The notebook should be a 1” three ring binder with 4 sections labeled Notes, Verb Conjugations, Vocabulary, and Activities/Assessments. Students need a notebook to keep up with notes, vocabulary and documentation for the end of year test. 

    Office Hours: I will be available every Wednesday from 2:50–3:30. Office hours are available for students who need extra help with a concept or who have dropped below 80%. It is your responsibility to sign up in advance so that I have supplemental work prepared. Students will have the opportunity to retest or make test corrections to unit tests only if they completed the test review for that unit. Students will not be able to retest or make corrections to end of quarter tests or midterm/final exams. The final calculation will be an average of the two scores. (Test 1 – 2/3 and Test 2 – 1/3)

    Grading Policy:

              10% - Class activities and participation

              15% - Homework

              30% - Quizzes (vocabulary, grammar, oral, listening)

             45% - Tests /Projects

     Rules and Expectations:

    1. Respect and encourage the right to teach and the right to learn at all times.

    2. Be actively engaged in the learning: ask questions, collaborate, and seek solutions.

    3. Be on time to fulfill your daily commitments.

    4. Be appropriate; demonstrate behavior that is considerate of the community, the campus, and yourself.

    5. Speak Spanish whenever possible!

    6. Online translators are not allowed! Students may use wordreference.com as a reliable online dictionary source.


    Warning and conference with teacher. (parents contacted)
    After school detention assigned.
    Administrative referral.
     Classroom Procedures:

    1. Pick up your composition notebook, sit down and begin working on bell work assignment. 

    2. Have your notebook and writing utensils ready prior to the bell ringing. (All pencils should be sharpened before class.)

    3. Students should not be working on any work from another class or homework from the night before at the beginning of the class.

     Bell Work:  Students will be required to complete bell work at the beginning of each class. Students must have a composition notebook to complete these assignments and it must be left in the room. The bell work is designed so that students will be able to see their progress in regards to learning vocabulary and grammatical structure throughout the school year. When a student misses a day, the student must come after school to complete the missed bell work as it will be graded and must be completed with the teacher. These activities will usually last around 20 minutes. Students will not be allowed to use a dictionary or online translator as the goal is to see what the student can do with their comprehension of the language. Bell work activities will include the following:

    Monday/Tuesday – Journal entry responding to a question or writing prompt

    Wednesday/Thursday – Reading comprehension with writing prompt

    Friday – Cloze activity with authentic music

    Late Work Policy:  In order to prepare students for college and the workforce, students are required to turn in all work on time. Five points will be deducted each day that a project/written assignment is late until it is worth nothing. A zero will be given for all work not turned in. After the teacher reviews the homework assignment in class, it cannot be turned in a for a grade and will result in the student receiving a zero for the grade. Homework is important and should be done nightly.

    Absences: When absent, all missed assignments/notes will be located in the class drawer of the class cart with student’s name. Students can come in the morning to pick up missed assignments or may pick them up during class. Most assignments and notes will be posted to Google classroom or the online textbook as well and students are encouraged to work on those assignments during the absence if possible. Please remember that students are only allowed five school days upon return to school to turn in missing graded assignments. If the student doesn’t complete the work in five school days, then the work will receive a grade of zero. If a student misses class on the day of a quiz or test, the student must take that quiz/test on the day of return (provided that the student was present the class period prior to the date of the scheduled test/quiz).  

    Google Classroom/Remind 101/Voces textbook: All students will receive a login to the online Voces textbook. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with the login and password for in-class and out of class use. Students will receive a code for Remind 101 and a Google classroom code. In order to stay connected to the teacher for help and to assign work/tests/notes effectively students are required to use both.

    eLearning: In the event of an eLearning Day, students will find all assignments located in Google classroom. Students will have five school days upon return to school to turn in those assignments in order to receive attendance credit and in-class assignment grades for the school day. If the work is not turned in within those five days, the student will be marked as absent for the class period on that school day and will receive a zero for incomplete work. I will be available via Remind 101, email or Google classroom for help during eLearning days from 8:00-9:00 am and 2:00-4:00 pm.