How to Login to Google Classroom to Find Work:

  • Students should login to Google using their school issued Google account.

    Once a student is logged into their Google Account they are able to access Google Classroom through the “waffle iron” in the top right corner of the google homepage.

    Click here to view a 2020 Parent Guide to Google Classroom.

Setting Routines and Structure:

  • Electronic learning can create a challenge for any age level.  It is important to set daily routines for students.  Work with your student to create a daily schedule that is a reflection of their school day.  Set your routine for both A day and B day classes.

Guidelines for Electronic Learning

  • General Guidelines

    • Set up a work area for your student at home away from TV/social media distractions.  Have your child get up and get dressed every day to prepare for their school day.

    • Come up with a schedule, but let your child have input! Set aside study times, break times and recreation times that make the most sense for your child.

    • During work times - consider limiting phone/social media access. We know when the phone is nearby focus on work declines substantially. There may be times when phone access is appropriate during work time, like a group project or study session over the phone with friends. There should be a balance, but many aspects of distance learning will be individual.

    • Students are required to meet synchronously (at the same time) with their teachers on their regular class schedules every Tuesday and Wednesday.  They should be prepared to engage, interact, and be seen by peers.  

    • Student attendance will be taken every Tuesday and Wednesday in all classes, including advisory.


    Key Information for GTCHS Students 

    • Work will be accessed the way that it typically is - Feedback will be given and quality work will be considered.

    • Work will be given that will have deadlines.

    • It will be important to keep a regular routine and schedule.  While we know every family will manage this time differently, generally it is best to get up, get dressed, and approach each day with a plan.  This is not a break.  This is school from home.

    • To continue pregression in classes, it is important to "keep up" with the work and meet all deadlines.

    • Communication will be vital.  Make sure if your family is having difficulty with anything that you are in regular conversation with the teacher.

    • Take advantage of Office Hours offered Monday, Thursday, and Friday by teachers.  Friday Office Hours are "live" so there will be a link posted so your child can log in and ask questions of the teachers. These will be communicated diretly to students, but will also be posted on the teacher website by August 10.

    • As we move forward, all teachers are expected to utilize Google Classroom. In addition, please check your email once a day.

    • For our students with 504/IEP accommodations, your teachers will still be implementing these; please stay in contact with your classroom teacher and your case manager on a regular basis.

    • REMINDER: If your child is logged into their browser via their school login, teachers can see any website that is opened IF the teacher happens to be on Hapara at the time.  There should not be an expectation of privacy from 8:05 AM - 2:45 PM due to the use of Hapara; there should also not be an expectation from parents that we are continually monitoring this.