Orientation Video

Posted by Amanda Farrar on 8/3/2020

CC: Hi everyone! My name is Miss Farrar, like Ferrari without the “e,” and I just want to say: Welcome to Chemistry and Physical Science! To say I am excited to have you in my class would be an understatement! 

This is my second year teaching at GTCHS but my third year teaching chemistry and my second year teaching physical science! 

For chemistry labs, you will need a composition lab notebook that has the pages sewn in, so no spiral bound notebooks, closed toed shoes and long pants for lab days. If you have long hair, this needs to be completely pulled back when we are in the lab. A good rule of thumb for lab is no skin showing below the armpit and nothing that falls forward when you lean forward.

For physics labs, you will also need a composition lab notebook that has the pages sewn in. 

For my class you will always need your reference table, which will be posted on google classroom, and a calculator with log function. You will need your reference table and calculator everyday. 

Chemistry and physics are a lot like playing the piano. The best way to get good at playing the piano is not to watch someone else play, read about playing the piano or think about playing the piano; the best way is to practice playing the piano. 

Regardless of your feelings towards chemistry or physics, I am here for you and more than willing to help you in anyway that I can!

I can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces over zoom! Can I get a whoop whoop? (Whoop whoop)


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