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Board Election Information

revised 04/11/2017








GTCHS Board Of Directors Election Results

Elected to the BOD were:
Ginger Cone
Brian Smith
Zackary Johnson
Uta Samuel
Seventy seven eligible voters chose to vote. No votes were disqualified.
Bob Ground, 
Governance Committee Chairman










Greenville Technical Charter High School


Greenville, SC








Greenville Tech Public Charter School Board of Directors

Meet the Candidate Forum

06:15pm, March 28, 2017

Bob Bayne Auditorium in Building 120

Greenville Tech College Barton Campus

Greenville, SC 29615



 The Greenville Tech Public Charter School Board of Directors has scheduled a Meet the Candidate Forum for the purpose of allowing individuals who filed and are qualified to seek a position on the GTCHS Board of Directors to address the public and answer questions.  The meeting will be held on March 28, 2017 in the Bob Bayne Auditorium in Building 120 on Greenville Tech College Barton Campus beginning at 6:15pm.  Members of the audience are requested to arrive by 6:00pm in order to submit questions.  While this is not a meeting of Board of Directors or a board committee meeting, no actions by the board will be made.  However, the members of the board that may attend could represent a quorum; and therefore, a public notice is being provided in accordance with SC Freedom of Information Act.  Please contact the School Principal at 864-250-8844 if you have any questions.




                                                                                          Dr. Bob Nash, Chairman

                                                                                          GTCHS Board of Directors





Posted Date:           03/23/2017            Initials:          wrg          







Greenville Technical Charter High School

506 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Building 119, Greenville, SC 29607

Post Office Box 5616, Mail Stop 1201, Greenville, SC 29606

Phone (864) 250-8844 Fax (864) 250-8846



Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and GTCHS Faculty and Staff:


The statute governing charter schools provides parents/guardians and faculty/staff members with the opportunity to elect the Greenville Technical Charter High School Board of Directors.  Each family receives one vote per child currently enrolled in GTCHS. Full time school employees are also entitled to a vote.


The GTCHS Board consists of 9 elected members with 2 additional members appointed by the Board. Starting with the 2014-2015 elections, term lengths were modified to allow members to serve up to 2 years with 5 members elected for a 2 year term and 4 members elected for a single year term. This year the election will be for 4 positions. Those elected will then serve 2 year terms allowing for partial election of Board members each year improving continuity.  All board members are expected to 


  • Attend regular monthly and special meetings (if required)
  • Participate on assigned committees
  • Attend school events whenever possible
  • Assist with fundraising


Regular board meetings are usually scheduled from 6:00 PM to 8:00PM, the 3rd Tuesday of each month; times and lengths for committee meetings and school events vary throughout the year. The term of office is for two years beginning on July 1, 2017 and ending on June 30, 2019. Board members are expected to complete required State training prior to swearing in on June 19, 2017 and participate in on-going Board training during the term.

Interested candidates must complete the Filing Application for Election to the Board of Directors (see enclosure). Additional copies of the application may be obtained online at or from Teresa Loftis, Principal’s Administrative Assistant. The completed application must be returned to Teresa Loftis no later than 3:00 PM on March 17, 2017 in order for a candidate’s name to be printed on the ballot. Write-in candidates are also allowed during voting.


Sample ballots will be prepared and distributed to parents and faculty by March 27, 2017. Electorate will be provided with the biographical sketch candidates submitted on their filing document.  All pertinent dates for the election are listed on the attached page titled “Significant Dates for the 2017 GTCHS BOD Election.”  For this election, GTCHS will use electronic voting by internet. Each eligible voter will receive a unique voting link to Survey Monkey by email. If you are entitled to more than one vote, you will receive one voting link per eligible vote. Voting will open at 3:00 PM on March 31, 2017 and close at 11:59 PM on April 7, 2017. 


The official email address on record at the school will be used for distribution of the voting links. If your email address has changed, please contact the school to update that information. For those unable to vote online, there will be a precinct at GTCHS in which voting will be available during specific hours on Friday April 7, 2017.


Thank you for your involvement in this extremely important process.




Mary Brantley, Ginger Cone, Bob Ground, Zackary Johnson, Candice Lewis

GTCHS Governance Committee





Significant Dates for the 2017 GTCHS BOD Election


January 27, 2017      Announcement of Election Letter Distribution


February 17, 2017    Candidate Filing Period Begins 8:00 AM


February 21, 2017    GTCHS Board Meeting (all candidates welcome)

    GTC Administrative Board Room, Bldg 123, 6:00 PM


March 14, 2017         GTCHS Board Meeting (all candidates welcome)

    GTC Administrative Board Room, Bldg 123, 6:00 PM

    Names of qualified candidates reported to GTCHS Board


March 17, 2017        Candidate Filing Deadline 3:00 PM


March 27, 2017         Deadline for Printing and Posting Sample Ballot

    and distribution of voting instructions


March 28, 2017         Parents Meet Candidates, 6:15 to 7:15 PM in

    Bob Bayne Auditorium, Building #120


March 31, 2017         Link for voting will be sent to voter email address on file

    Online voting open


April 7, 2017              Precinct for those wishing to vote at school open at 7:30AM

                                  Electronic Voting closes at11:59 PM


April 10, 2017            Unofficial results published.


April 18, 2017            BOD Meeting (all candidates welcome)

    GTC Administrative Board Room, Bldg 123, 6:00 PM

    Election results certified by Board


May 16, 2017           GTCHS Board Meeting (all candidates welcome)

   GTC Administrative Board Room, 6:00 PM


May, 2017               Board training, Time/location TBD


June 20, 2017         New Board Members Swearing in Ceremony.

July 18, 2017          First scheduled meeting for the 2017-2018 BOD

                        2017 FILING APPLICATION FORM


1. Submit this form electronically to Teresa Loftis, Assistant to Principal and Secretary, by 3:00 pm March 17, 2017. 

2. Provide a brief bio on the lines below for distribution to families and faculty/staff. All bios will be copied exactly as submitted. LIMIT TO 250 WORDS. 

3. If possible, please submit an electronic copy to





MAILING ADDRESS: Street ________________________________________


Apt: ___________



City: __________________________ State: _______ Zip Code: __________



TELEPHONE: Home: _____________________________


Work: ________________________



Mobile: ____________________________ Fax: _____________________________



EMAIL ADDRESS: Personal:_____________________________________



Other: __________________________________________________________



EMPLOYER: ______________________________________________________



DOB: (M/D): __________________________ 


SPOUSE NAME: __________________________



Filing as (please check one or more as appropriate): 


Parent/Family Member ______           Education or Community Leader _______


Business _______ 



Possible Conflicts of Interest for SC Public Board Members:


__Yes __No 1.  Do you, family members, or employer have any business relations to GTCHS?


__Yes __No 2.  Are you or a family member related to a current board member or employee of  GTCHS?



__Yes __No 3.  Are you a full time or part time employee of GTCHS?



__Yes __No 4.  Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?

                    Greenville Technical Charter High School
        Post Office Box 5616, Mail Stop 1201, Greenville, SC 29606
BRIEF BIOGRAPHICAL OUTLINE: (May include educational, civic, & community activities.)

1) Candidate meeting with parents and staff may be recorded or streamed for viewing by those not in attendance.
2) A SLED background check is required for all board members.

Signature: __________________________________________

Submit Form to: Teresa Loftis, Administrative Assistant