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Your Impact

Your Impact

Greenville Technical Charter High School (GTCHS) is one of the most unique public schools in our area.  There are so many great options in the Greenville County School district for our children, and GTCHS is no exception. 



By supporting Greenville Tech Charter Public High School you assist these students in many positive ways; textbooks, technology improvements and upgrades, facilities, fine arts program,  athletic programs, after school clubs, and more. 


By definition a charter school allows us to provide advanced curricular instruction, which supported by the School District of Greenville County,  was made available to this community but it does not come without a price.  Greenville Tech Charter High School depends on our families and local businesses to help bridge the funding gap.   Please join us in supporting these 440 students in their success.


There are a variety of ways to donate. 

  1.          One time, monthly, or semi-annual checks
  2.          One time, monthly, or semi-annual credit card payments
  3.          Stock Transfers
  4.          Matching gifts from employer


Please consider contributing to the uniqueness and excellence of Greenville Technical Charter High School by making a tax deductible gift.  The GTCHS development board, the administration, the faculty and the students thank you in advance for your generous investment in the future of our school.


Many Thanks!

  °  David Bereskin  °  Jody Bryson  °  Pete Danfy °  Leslie Farmer  °   Bates Kennedy   °  Rita Wells

GTCHS Development Board



The mailing address for GTCHS is PO Box 5616, Mail Stop 1201, Greenville, SC  29606.