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Why does Greenville Tech Charter High School (GTCHS) need an Annual Fund Drive?

Charter schools are public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for improving student achievement.  The school’s commitment to a rigorous curriculum, small classes,  and highly qualified teachers, along with a lack of state funding for our facilities, are several factors that leave a significant gap in funds required to pay for the quality education we offer.  The Annual Fund Drive provides the general operating support necessary for the school’s continued success.


Why does GTCHS receive less money from the state than other public schools in Greenville?

When the Charter Schools Act passed in 1996, the state allowed charter schools greater flexibility in running their programs in return for less funding per student.  Charter Schools, for example, do not receive any funding for facilities and cannot put parcel taxes or bonds on local ballots.   With the leased facilities from Greenville Tech, the contracted space with the YMCA for physical education classes, and other facility expenses such as upkeep, services and supplies, it costs over $192,000 annually. 

What are the funding sources for GTCHS?

93% of GTCHS’s funding comes from federal and state funds based on student enrollment.

4.5% comes from fundraising, primarily from GTCHS family donations.

2.5% comes from local funds such as foundations and businesses in the form of grants.                                                                                            (numbers as audited FY14)

GTCHS depends on its families to help bridge the funding gap.  


Why not ask for money from foundations, businesses, or wealthy individuals?

The school actively seeks and receives some funds from foundations, businesses, and people outside of GTCHS, but we cannot rely solely on them to cover ongoing expenses.  Foundations and businesses often change their funding interests and commitments, so GTCHS needs a reliable source of ongoing funds from the beneficiaries of its program: our families.


Our family would like to give, but we can’t give much.  Does a smaller donation still have a positive impact on the success of GTCHS?

YES!  Each donation brings the school closer to meeting its budgeted needs.  Additionally, the closer we get to 100% of families contributing, the more interested outside funders become.  Outside funders love to support organizations that support themselves and are much more likely to fund organizations whose beneficiaries give first. 


Our family wants to pledge, but cannot donate a lump sum.  What are our options?

There are a variety of ways to fulfill your Annual Fund Drive pledge.  You can split your pledge into two installments or contribute monthly.

  1.        One time, monthly, or semi-annual checks
  2.        One time, monthly, or semi-annual credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard & American Express)
  3.        Stock Transfers
  4.        Matching gifts from employers

What if I have other questions about GTCHS’s Annual Fund Drive?

Please feel free to contact Suzanne Foody in the GTCHS Development Office via phone (864-672-3794) or email