Greenville Technical Charter High School

Alumni Association



Greenville Tech Charter High School was established as an alternative to public high school with a focus on academic excellence. Since opening it's doors in 1998, the school has proceeded to educate approximately 400 students each year. With the inaugural class graduated in 2001, the school continues to graduate some of the best students in the state. 
Over its 18 year history, the school's commitment to excellence has compiled an enviable record of academic performances, achievements, and national accolades. 
GTCHS is proud of it's students achievements, and with that in mind, the school is proud to present its new Alumni Association. 
As a registered member of the Alumni Association you can:
  • Connect with other GTCHS alumni and teachers. 
  • Stay updated on news about the school.
  • Receive invitations to alumni events, dinners, and class reunions.
  • Be featured in our Alumni Spotlight.
  • Use your incredible talents or time at GTCHS as a volunteer.
Joining is simple and free, just click the 'Registration Link' link below and fill out the form. 

Registration Form 

GTCHS also encourages alumni to connect together on third party sites like our Alumni Facebook group or on LinkedIn. These are both great places to connect and network with others.
If you want more ways to keep in touch, please sign up for the Weekly Warrior newsletter, by following this link. Additionally, you can also 'like' the school on our official Facebook page
We hope to see you at one of our events soon!
- GTCHS Alumni Association