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Parents in Partnership

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Parents In Partnership (PIP)

My name is Ellen Lane and I have 2 boys here at GTCHS:  Jake a Senior and Patrick a Sophomore.  I am the PIP (Parents in Partnership) president for the upcoming school year.  We work hard to support the staff at GTCHS through organized volunteers, appreciation and mini-grants.  As parents, we love to know what’s going on in and around our children’s school.  That seems to get tougher as they get older. My boys certainly aren’t as chatty as the used to be!  I’ve found the best way to do that is to volunteer.  Here at GTCHS we have lots of opportunities to do so, which is great since they ask each family to contribute 36 hours per year. We are always interested in your involvement. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I am happy to provide you with more information or if you have any other ways to support GTCHS.  I look forward to seeing some new faces around school.


     Ellen Lane


PIP Executive Committee:


Ellen Lane, President


Alicia Dixion, Vice President


Rita Wells, 2nd Vice President


LaSonia Williams, Secretary


Meredith Edwards, Treasurer


Noelle Knutson, Ex-officio past president





PIP Committee Chairs



        Lunch Team Leader – Monday: Christine Way & Susan Gullion       

Lunch Team Leader – Tuesday: Alicia Dixon

Lunch Team Leader – Wednesday: January Croke

Lunch Team Leader – Thursday: 

Lunch Team Leader – Friday: Kristie Thome


Committee Chairs

Merchandise Coordinator: Christy Kirk

Fundraiser Event (Golf Tournament and Charter Champions):  Rita Wells

Membership and Directory:  Lynn Jones

 Volunteer Coordinators: Libby Campbell and Chris Linville

Board Refreshment Coordinator: Available

Hospitality: Noelle Knutson

Teacher Appreciation Week:  Available

Beautification Chair: Ray Bryant


Class Parents

Freshman Class Parent: Margaret Bastone and Susan White

Sophomore Class Parent:  Christine Way

Junior Class Parent: Available

Senior Class Parent: Mitzi Dekoning



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