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    This course prepares students to use artistic and technological foundations to create animations. The basic principles of digital animation are reviewed, including character development and story conception through production. Students learn the technical language used in the animation industry and basic animation methods. They will also learn techniques about various ways to plan, create, and prepare for animation in pre-production, production and post-production.

    The class will prepare students for learning and working in the 21st century through communication and collaboration tools through real world, student-centered activities which will strengthen students’ technology skills.


    The Google Classroom code for this course: (Make sure you join the correct classroom using the code below for your class period.)

          Animation 3A: yzvmm4r

          Animation 1B: k6jaeyw

          Animation 2B: 4zwslmq

          Animation 4B: l33vkgd


    Required Supplies: 

    - A pen or pencil and a three ring binder with notebook paper for taking notes. 

    - Light-colored pack of sticky notes

    - If you have a headset with a microphone you are welcome to use your own, but you do not have to purchase one for the class.

    - If you have a drawing tablet you will be able to use it with our computers. You are not required to purchase a drawing tablet.

    - There will be times you will have to buy cheap materials for props for your videos. Plenty of notice will be given for providing these materials.


    We use Google Classroom for most communications and all assignments. All assignments are posted in Google Classroom unless it is a participation grade that is given based on the student's participation in class.


    The student has the option to check off that they have completed the assignment even if they have not actually submitted the work for grading. When your child's grade shows a 0 and is not showing missing in Classroom, 99% of the time it is because they checked that they did the assignment but failed to submit the work. In order for you to see that the work has been submitted you need your child to log into their Classroom so you can see the actual submitted file. I will try my best to notify you by email if this situation becomes a habit with your child.


    For written texts, I use Easy Test Maker. These tests are not posted as an assignment that has to have something submitted. Your child will need to just check that they completed the assignment. I will email you if your child has missed a test which they have not made up in a week. My syllabus states that they have two weeks to make up the missing work, even if it is an excused absence. 

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