FAQs about Electronic Learning

  • With daily, sometimes hourly, changes to the information we receive, we want you to know that this information is current as of March 1, 2021.  We will update it as we learn new updates if there are changes.  Currently, GTCHS is conducting learning electronically. We will return to full face-to-face learning on March 8, 2021. 

    Synchronous means "at the same time."  Your teachers will post a Google Meet or Zoom link in the Google Classroom so you will have a way to join a "live" class.  You will be expected to have your video on, be dressed, and ready to actively engage and learn.  Just as you can't put your head down and sleep in a regular classroom, you should not be laying down or attempting to multi-task during the lessons.  Attendance will be taken and you will follow our regular bell schedule, including lunch and advisory.

    With the current rate of COVID-19 spread in the community, I am unable to continue accumlating my required 50 service hours.  What should I do?

    We are currently still requiring 50 community service hours for school year 2020-2021.  Depending on how long the rate of spread in the community remains "high," administration is open to adjusting this requirement later in the year.

    As a parent/guardian, I also have required service hours this year.  What should I do?

     If you have any questions about completing these hours or obtaining volunteer opportunities, please reach out to our PIP Volunteer Coordinator, Michele Turner (micheleturner@icloud.com).

    How long should the teacher lessons/assignments take on asynchronous days?

    Each teacher has been requested to keep the lessons to a one hour time limit.  This is TOTAL.  You want to paradigm shift away from "class work and home work."  It is all that day's work or instructional lesson to be completed.  We know some students may work slower and take 90 minutes to do the lesson, but others may work a bit faster.  The "average" student should take one hour to complete the work.

    Am I required to attend Google Meets or LIVE Office Hours with the teacher each Friday?

    Any time the teacher is available to help or meet with you via a Google Meet or Zoom, it is great to take advantage of that instructional opportunity.  With that said, we know not everyone has the same flexibility with time due to household responsibilities, helping with siblings, sharing computers, etc.   If a teacher is conducting Office Hours that day via a Google Hangout, then it may not be recorded since it would just be Q&A with those who had questions.  It is highly recommend you take advantage of every opportunity to see your teacher.

    We are requested to meet synchronously with our teachers Monday-Thursday  What does that really mean?

    Monday-Thursday you are required to log in and follow your regular class schedule - just virtually.  Attendance will be taken and reported for all your classes on these days, including advisory (Monday and Wednesday ONLY).  You should plan your day accordingly and expect to be seen on the video.

    Can my teachers set "hard deadlines"?

    Yes.  Teachers may set deadlines the same way they would if you were attending class in person.  If you ever have an issue with meeting a deadline, you should be very proactive with notifying your teachers and communicating with them if you think there is more time needed or an exception that needs to be made.  

    My teacher loaded all the work for the week on Monday and it is all due on Friday by midnight.  Is that permitted?

    Yes - this does not negate the need for the teacher to meet with the students on Tuesday/Wednesday or Friday during office hours.

    Can my teachers require that we "show up" online for an assessment at a specific time?

    Yes.  Teachers will be doing assessments in a variety of ways. Some may hold their test on a specific date/time.  They will provide you 48 hours notice, and they should email your parents as well.  Just as in a regular classroom, you are required to be present at that set time for the test.  These tests should be planned for the time that your class would typically meet, even if it is not a Tuesday or Wednesday.

    What about prom, graduation, clubs,  and other fun events that we had planned?

    We are trying to follow social distance guidelines and implement the recommendations of the CDC.  However, we also want to have these events for you - and WITH you.  So, we will implement as many "fun" activities as possible during this time. 

    How will athletics work for the 2020-2021 school year?

    GTCHS if following guidelines from the SCHSL.  An acknowledgement of risk will be signed by parents in addition to providing other paperwork that is traditional required.

    What happens if I get sick or have an emergency while we are out?

    You and your parents need to notify both the teacher and Mrs. Cady the same way you typically would.

    How can I pay outstanding fees or for items such as a yearbook while we are doing electronic learning?

    You can pay by mailing a check to GTCHS or by contacting Mrs. Rogers or Mrs. Fetters who can issue an online invoice for you; you can then pay it electronically.  

    Will Smart Center be offered once we are able to return to school?

    Smart Center will be offered once we are able to return to school.

    I feel really isolated and alone while learning remotely.  Any ideas to help with that?

    We plan to hold some virtual events and are looking into the possibility of events that would maintain social distancing while building community. 

    My sadness feels a lot more like what people describe as being depressed.  What should I do?

    Please let a trusted adult know how you are feeling.  If you want to reach out to someone here at the school (like your favorite teacher or counselor), do that! There is also a teen mental health hotline you can utilize:  https://www.mhagc.org/teenline.php

    I have questions that weren't answered here.  What should I do?

    Email them to manthony@staff.gtchs.org for an answer or so we can add your questions here.