• Web Design Class


    This course will guide students in the development of websites in a project-based, problem-solving environment. Students will learn the industry-standard languages, HTML and CSS, which are used on every website on the web today. Students will learn how to create a portfolio of content-rich, well-styled websites. 

    The class will prepare students for learning and working in the 21st century through communication and collaboration tools through real-world, student-centered activities which will strengthen students’ technology skills.

    NOTE: Websites created by students in this course will not be published.


    The Google Classroom code for this course: (Make sure you join the correct classroom using the code below for your class period.)

         Web Design 1A: kglsdqw

         Web Design 4A: 7a353xb


    Required Supplies: 

    - A pen or pencil and a 1" three ring binder with notebook paper for taking notes.