• Students are expected to come to class prepared to work, learn and enjoy the most out of every day.  Students should be reading their textbooks and answering their study guides each night for homework.  I am available as much as possible to give extra instruction but do ask that students have tried to read and find answers on their own first before they approach me for help.  Just asking what is the answer is not enough - I want them to show me what they think it might be.

    I believe that all students can learn and achieve with the right effort and attitude and my role is to help them do that.  Even though not all of my students are going to college, they can still learn much about working with others, being problem solvers and caring about the world in which they live.  I hope that my students get inspired with the curiosity to learn more and continue to be life long learners.


    World History Syllabus CP

    World History Syllabus Honors

    Government/Econ Syllabus