• Good grades in chemistry come for most students only with steady hard work. The coursework is very approachable but is a bit like a foreign language and a math class all rolled into one.  I am available on Thursdays for extra help. You can also schedule extra help at Friday lunch  and sometime other afternoons or advisory/lunch are available by request. You will benefit greatly from informal study partners. Yes I hope my students discuss chemistry and help each other. Iron sharpens iron. I think both the "explainer" and "explainee" improve their chemistry vocabulary in the process. We will talk and study chemistry together in class so come prepared. To get through a year's worth of chemistry on our class schedule, the chapters move quickly. Expect to do some chemistry at home every day.

    Parents, email is the best way to reach me. echambers@staff.gtchs.org   Students, it's easiest if you stop by. The last 40 minutes of most class periods, I can stop long enough to make a plan to help you or direct you to the resources you need. Feel free to knock and see if I have a minute and you may get a faster answer than email. 

    I am both very tech oriented and old school. Students will place their phones in a holder when they enter my room everyday and then collect them as the period winds down. Most of my time will be spent helping students complete problems. I expect to begin class with a brief "skill reveiw" each day and check HW. Those who haven't completed HW will do that as the rest of us begin a brief lecture lesson. The rest of the period will be spent working on problems. The HW is very important so that lessons can be brief. Most days we will use our class set of iPads for some part of the lesson. Somedays we may use phones or check out Chromebooks. My goal is to introduce students to there technology in class before they have to do the HW assignments with it. 

periodic table closeup