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Welcome to the GTCHS Board of Directors Web Page


Thank you for taking the time to view our new and improved Web Page for the GTCHS Board of Directors.  Greenville Tech Public Charter High School is a unique campus with a special environment for student learning.  The major elements which make it unique are parent involvement, excellent faculty, efficient staff, and focused students.  Also, the campus is located on Barton Campus of Greenville Tech College, allowing qualified students to enroll in college courses and qualify for dual course credit.  


In addition, the Board of Directors is moving in a direction to bring stability, transparency, and program evaluations by focusing on a three year strategic plan, better communications with parents, GTC, Greenville County School Board, the SC Legislature, and seeking resources for expansion of facilities, along with developing a challenging curriculum.  


The Board of Directors meets monthly in the GTC Administrative Board Room located in Building 123 on the main campus.  It is a Board which governs and establishes policy.  We invite you to attend and make comments during the Public Input session of our meetings.  You will find more details about our meeting dates and operational procedures on this page.  


Lastly, I want to thank you for your interest and support of your school, its faculty and staff, in this growing community of learners. Best wishes for a great and successful  year at Greenville Tech Public Charter High School.  


Dr. Bob Nash, Chairman

Greenville Tech Charter High School

Board of Directors