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Parents in Partnership

PIP Steering Committee 2016-17


Noelle Knutson, Chair


Rita Wells, Vice-Chair


Kristie Torres Thome, 2nd Vice-Chair – Student Meals


Lisa Hafner, Secretary


Jane Buckley, Treasurer


Bud Lawen, Ex-officio member-Past Chair Position

Mary Nell Anthony, Ex-officio member - Principal

Suzanne Foody, Ex-officio member – Development


Your PIP steering committee can be reached at  



PIP Committee Chairs



        Lunch Team Leader – Monday: Jane Payne       

Lunch Team Leader – Tuesday: Alicia Dixon

Lunch Team Leader – Wednesday: January Croke

Lunch Team Leader – Thursday: Page Watson

Lunch Team Leader – Friday: Kristie Thome



Merchandise Coordinator: Kristie Oldham

Pig & Pearls Co-Coordinators: Noelle Knutson and Rita Wells


Involvement Opportunities

Board Refreshment Coordinator:

Hospitality/Teacher Appreciation: Ellen Lane


Class Parents

Freshman Class Parent: Alicia Dixon

Sophomore Class Parent:  Regina Broome

Junior Class Parent: Lisa Hafner

Senior Class Parent: Christy Kirk